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A Bit About Me

Some women love shoes, some purses, but this gal has a love for finer vintage furniture! I love detail, whether it’s the hardware on the piece or the interesting lines of it. The chase of finding the pieces is what fuels my passion. I have a love for French furniture. Many of these treasures require a little work and a color. My world has never been a black and white one; I’ve always been a colorful thinker. What a better way to combine my creative talents and bright world than to open a boutique that offers a variety of pieces in all sorts of finishes and a fantastic paint line, Dixie Belle, that helps in creating all this color!!  I do custom painting for the customer that doesn’t have the time to do it, or cannot see the vision for the piece, theirs or mine. We are also offering classes to help women learn about painting,, creative repurposing and an opportunity to share talents.

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